• Super Mobile Concrete Batching Plant 40(BSM 40)

    Super Mobile Concrete Batching Plant 40(BSM 40) Simrak batching plant to be combined with separately offered linear storage bins. Short erection time due to pre-mounted and installed components. PLANT CONSISTING OF: MIXER EMS 500 Mixer MANUFACTURED BY Simrak

  • Asphalt batching plant

    Asphalt batching plant Aggregates from the bucket elevator is discharged over an anti-abrasion lining and then sprayed over the entire screening area.Totally enclosed dust sealed housing, discharge chute, with inspection doors, giving access for inspection, maintenance and mesh changing.


  • The Micronized Classifying Plant

    The Micronized Classifying Plant The Micronized Classifying Plant consists of the following components: 1.Micron separator 2.Cyclone classifier 3.bag filter - Benefits: A) the area for installment can be smaller than usual, because pulse jet system uses felt filter so that we can keep larger filter area. B) fine felt filter has a higher precipitating efficiency, and dust leakage which shall happen just after clanging filter or at the over-cleaning when using ordinary fibrous filter doesn’t occur.

  • Scrubber

    Scrubber The scrubbing process takes washing one step further. Rinsing may not give the desired cleanliness, especially when dry and other deleterious materials are present, so the process of scrubbing is now the accepted method. Scrubbing works on the principle of working material against material to remove clay and other material from the stone before going to the next stage.

  • Twin Shaft Horizontal Screens

    Twin Shaft Horizontal Screens Use of our twin shaft screen in heavy duty applications in aggregate plants give high reliability with minimal maintenance requirements. Screening performance is precise and efficient due to the high operating parameters of stroke length and acceleration of the linear motion screen. The twin shaft horizontal screen is designed for low headroom, better de-watering capability, higher capacity and more selective screening.


    VIBRATING GRIZZLY FEEDERS Machine Roll’s Grizzly feeders are heavy-duty pan feeders with Grizzly sections added to the pan surface. They perform both scalping and feeding in a single unit and are designed for impact loading and heavy burdens. When installed ahead of the primary crusher it performs coarse sizing and provides a controlled, high-capacity flow of material. It eliminates crusher overload due to material surges. It also reduces crusher wear and maximises crusher capacity by bypassing material already at or below desired size.

  • Vibrating mill

    Vibrating mill Machine Roll’s vibrating mill is used for grinding of almost all materials concerning processing industry, from medium-sized lumps up to extra-fine final grains. Their particular fields of application are coal, chemicals, ceramics and pit and quarry industries, including there subgroups

  • M.S Series Impact Crushers

    M.S Series Impact Crushers Horizontal shaft impactors are secondary crushers which utilize rotor impact hammers and impact anvils to achieve high production tonnages and improved aggregate particle shape. The rugged durability and easy maintenance of horizontal shaft impactors ensure less downtime and reduced wear costs for the operators

  • Hammer Mill

    Hammer Mill Machine Roll’s Hammer Mill is a durable utility grinder capable of grinding most free-flowing materials. Hammer Mills operate on the principle that most materials will grind or crush upon impact with the hammers. The material is fed into the hammer mill from the top and falls into the grinding chamber. The material is contacted by a series of rotating hardened hammers.

  • Bucket Wheel De-Waterers

    Bucket Wheel De-Waterers Material to be processed are directed into the bucket wheel at the inlet chute adjacent to the path of the bucket wheel. As the wheel rotates the buckets collect the gravitating fines from below the water tank level. In turn, the buckets become inverted as they reach the top of their path and the recovered product falls on the centrally positioned chute, to be discharged downward on to the sand discharge chute. The geometry of the staggered bucket wheel and discharge chute is designed so as to give a clean positive bucket discharge thus ensuring that dewatered fines are not carried back to the water tank.

  • Bohringer Design Incline Vibrating Screen

    Bohringer Design Incline Vibrating Screen Screen design is a specialist subject which benefits from long field experience on large quantities of machines manufactured and successfully installed. Our Bohringer incline screen with full automatic lubricating system is the result of close cooperation between Machine Roll and Bohringer Co. of Germany.

  • Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers

    Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers VSI (Vertical Shaft Impactor) are suitable as tertiary crushing machines. The VSI offers the user many advantages over other methods of crushing. Including High tonnage, low capital investment, “cubical particle shape” and low operation cost.

  • V.S Series Impact Crusher

    V.S Series Impact Crusher The Impact Crushers series V.S. are modern economical, heavy duty reduction machines. They are employed for secondary crushing with feed sizes up to 40 cm and capacities from 80 to 300 TPH. The V.S. series is equipped with a third impact anvil, which will increase the reduction ratio and the percentage of cubical shaped product. In addition the reduction ratio is variable through adjustment of the impact anvils and grinding path as well as the rotor speed. The design features, use of high wear resistant castings and utilization factor of the wear parts make this machine superior to any crusher of this type available today.

  • Spiral Washers

    Spiral Washers A large proportion of aggregate used in the production of concrete and road wearing materials require to be washed in order to maintain a consistent end product free from impurities. In both instances the cleaner the aggregates and sand the less cement and bitumen is required in the mix. The cement and bitumen represents the majority of the mix cost although representing only a fraction by weight. It is therefore of the utmost importance to maintain a high quality clean aggregate.

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